Who we are?

We are a group of seasoned and passionalte Supply chain specialists who believe that India based SME Tech support for EDI - proviing customized solutions for EDI and all B2B communication - is the Future

Our team has vast experience in designing & and supporting EDI communication for Tier 1 & and Tier 2 Automotive Ancillary and all kinds of manufacturing, chemical amd healthcare EDI scenarios. We deliver end to end strategic IT solutions


What we do?

Leveraging the Sindhu EDI Cloud solution Platform we provide Functional assistance - for end-to-end EDI solutions to Tier 2 & and Tier 3 Manufacturers. Our Vision is to be a growth enabler for the ' Make in India ' initiative for B2B communication & and be a part of the Supply Chain success story

Our expertise lies in planning, designing, and deploying tailored B2B communication channels. Our solutions are pre-ready and can easily be customized for any specific system or requirement. Our platform technology combines both EDI and API integration capabilities to establish true end-to-end integration from a file being received, translated, and directly integrated into an ERP, WMS, or any eCommerce platform.